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- Escaping cosmology's failing paradigm, by Bjørn Ekeberg and Louis Marmet. [2021-11-4]
- Cosmology Calculator: compare Static Universe Tired-Light with ΛCDM Cosmology. [2020-06-17]
- The Alternative Cosmology Group's web site is back on-line at   Unsolved problems in cosmology. [2019-1-18]
- The Big Bang model assumes a cosmological redshift due to expansion.  However other mechanisms have been proposed. [2018-1-19]
- Detection of FRBs and the implications for some tired-light redshift theories. [2017-11-11]
- A redshift mechanism for objects with a large angular spread; paper presented at the CCC-2 in 2008 [2015-8-16]
- The Big Bang hypothesis is challenged by Fred Hoyle, Halton Arp, Morley Bell (NRCC), Hilton Ratcliffe, André Assis, David Dilworth.
- The large number of adjustable parameters in the Big Bang theory is contested by Philip Mannheim, Lee Smolin.
- Quantum Physics Exploring Gravity in the Outer Solar System: The SAGAS Project [2007-11-2]
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- List of my publications (.pdf) [2021-11-7]
- Some videos on my YouTube channel.
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- B.M.R. Masonry and Landscaping: Brendan Regier is a very skilled worker! [2020-10-18]
- Bulk Rename Utility: very nice program to rename multiple files and folders! [2018-2-17]
- FileZilla is great, FTP client has worked great for me!  Get it here for free here: [2016-10-2]
- Need eavestrough cleaning? Try Ottawa Student Windows, they support the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa! [2016-9-18]

- Comète NEOWISE C/2020 F3 [2020-7-10]
- Éclipse de soleil du 21 août 2017 [2017-8-30]
- Comet Lulin C/2007 N3 crossed the shadow of the Earth on Feb. 26, 2009, near 9:00UTC.  Any photos of this penumbral eclipse? [2009-2-26]
- Animation à partir des photos de la Comète McNaught C/2006 P1 [2007-1-15]

- Présentation au dîner conférence de la SAFC, format .pdf [2018-9-20]
- The strangeness of Entanglement [2018-2-17]
- Les principes de L' induction de Faraday [2002-12-10]
Théorie des nombres
Number theory

- Somme de 75 nombres, mais lesquels? "Backpack problem" [2016-10-9]
- Years of calculations to find the first "square-free gaps" of a given length [2012-10-14]
- List on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences of Square-free Gaps A051681 [2005-7-30]
- Un problème intéressant quand la Somme et Produit sont Égaux! [2005-3-19]
- Liste sur On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences relié au problème de la Somme et Produit Égaux A104173 [2005-3-10]
Astrophysics :
- Rotation of spiral galaxies: A description of the mathematical challenges is given in Non Keplerian Galaxy Dynamics [2007-10-7]
- The mass distribution of spiral galaxies is calculated in Rotation Dynamics of a Galaxy with a Double Mass Distribution [2007-8-22]

- Support my work:

Clear Sky Chart: Ottawa

Éclipse totale de soleil de 1972, Cap Chat, Québec.

Astronome amateur

Some quotations / Quelques citations

[2022-4-21] << ‘‘I have seen farther by standing on the shoulders of the giants who were standing tall 40 years ago.’’ Louis Marmet >>

[2022-2-1] <<"But, according to Lakatos, when the time comes, a revolution is driven by logic and method, not irrational mob psychology: ‘the Kuhnian “Gestalt-switch” can be performed without removing one’s Popperian spectacles’." Jim Baggott in How Science Fails >>

[2018-7-4] << "There would be no passion in this world if we never had to fight for what we love. After all a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.Susie Switzer >>

[2018-4-9] << "It’s a shocking realisation, but based upon what he has produced during his lifetime, Dr Hawking is one of the most useless scientists in living memory. Why is this?
It is certainly not because he is stupid; he is in fact exceptionally intelligent.  He has courage, passion, and integrity.  So why couldn’t he cure cancer or invent a revolutionary telescope or devise a way to more efficiently explore the moons of Saturn?  To be quite honest, it is not in the least because he was not capable of doing those things.  It is, I submit, because of the method he was trained to use.  His conscription to the mathematics of imagination sucked him into a vortex that sustains itself indefinitely without need of physical interaction with reality.
"  Hilton Ratcliffe (in Stephen Hawking Smoked My Socks: How beliefs contaminate our opinions: an astrophysicist's perspective) >>

[2013-5-12] << "Le téléphone n'a pas été inventé à la suite d'un programme gouvernemental d'amélioration des techniques de vol des pigeons voyageurs."  André Brahic >>

[2012-6-13] << "When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set."  Lin Yutang >>

[2011-7-1] << "The right wing are unwitting jackboot lackeys of the ruling class.  They are immune to facts, For instance, here's one that whistles through right wing skulls at such a velocity that the resulting frequency makes dogs bark: The Conservatives haven't managed to come out of their perpetual deficit to actually balance a budget since 1887.  That is not a typo.  Cue the cognitive dissonance."  Comment by 'frightenstein' on the Comment "A plague of Tories unleashed against Canada" (Globe and Mail, Friday, Jul. 01, 2011 1:00AM EDT, text-only copy) >>

[2011-2-27] << "Until further evidence is available, both the present writers wish to express an open mind with respect to the ultimately most satisfactory explanation of the nebular red-shift and, in the presentation of purely observational findings, to continue to use the phrase “apparent” velocity of recession. They both incline to the opinion, however, that if the red-shift is not due to recessional motion, its explanation will probably involve some quite new physical principles."  E. Hubble and R. Tolman ("Two methods of investigating the nature of the nebular red-shift," ApJ, 82, 302, 1935) >>

[2010-1-28] << "Earthquakes alone are sufficient to destroy the prosperity of any country.  If beneath England the now inert subterranean forces should exert those powers, [...] how completely would the entire condition of the country be changed!  What would become of the lofty houses, thickly packed cities, great manufactories, the beautiful public and private edifices?  [...] how terrific would be the carnage!  England would at once be bankrupt; all papers, records, and accounts would from that moment be lost.  Government being unable to collect the taxes, and failing to maintain its authority, the hand of violence and rapine would remain uncontrolled.  In every large town famine would go forth, pestilence and death following in its train."  Charles Darwin ("The Voyage of The Beagle," March 4th, 1835) >>

[2008-9-29] << "The recession/depression will last until 2014."  L. Marmet, self-proclaimed expert on economics >>

[2005-4-12] << "The "in" thing today is "dark matter".  This is the aether of the 21st Century."   E. Supkis (Culture of Life Science News, Apr. 12, 2005) >>

[2004-11-30] << "Operational science deals with phenomena that are observable, testable, and repeatable.  Origins science deals with speculation regarding past events that are not observable, nor testable, nor repeatable."  W. Opyd (IEEE Spectrum, Nov. 2004) >>

[2000-8-26] << "La discussion est impossible, avec qui prétend non pas chercher, mais possèder la vérité."   R. Rolland >>

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